Visa or not
Hi all

We are off to Bodrum today for one week. We last visited on 17th August 2009 and got our entry visa. Do we need to get another visa at Bodrum or will the one we got in August be ok? Are you allowed to come and go as many times as you want within the 90 day period on the original visa?




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Visa or not
Your visa is valid until midnight on Saturday 14th November.

Go straight to the Pasaport Polis desk when you land and don't be put off by them telling you you've got to get a new visa. Point out the date on your existing one and stand your ground. :roundgrin

martin m

Visa or not
And dont say hello, please or thankyou, because it will not be answered, i really do think they need personality transplants at bodrum airport,
p.s have a good time
Visa or not
the simple fact is anyone with a 90-day visa can come and go within that period without having to get a new one and without having to explain anything. several times i've been on the last day on exit, and despite any fuss and tutting by immigration i know it's none of their business as the law provides for this. i just can't be bothered with an ikamet as i can do everything i need without one. i usually leave frequently anyway, and i think more than 90 days would start to do my head in anyway.

back in 1991 i left from kusadasi and found (to everyone's amusement) my visa was two years over. i'd entered the twilight zone where i'd say 'biz' instead of 'siz', and it took a turkish friend to point out to me that i could go to greece without a visa. anyway, even then i couldn't bribe them, so i was fined about 200$. came back a couple of days later and the same guys gave me a warm welcome, though.

on exiting, if im up to the limit, im often asked why. saying i have a turkish son complicates things. 'why dont you get residence?' etc. saying i have a turkish son and girlfriend was NOT a good idea. now i just look the guy in the eye, and with a wild stare in broken turkish say 'senin memleket cok sevmek'. (If you speak Turkish, never never show this to police or similar officials. Always speak English and they will be too busy trying to work out how to communicate with you or showing off to their colleagues that they will forget to give you trouble. Also, you can listen in on what they are saying about you.)

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