Visa change for UK tourists
Spanabridge, I believe the new Turkish Visa regulations apply to all tourists not just those from the UK.


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Visa change for UK tourists
For countries that ban travel for those without visas ,the embarking carrier must check that a valid visa and passport are verified on the check in procedure .

If anyone arrives without the necessary visa , fines must be paid by the carrier .



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Visa change for UK tourists

Because if an airline allows a person without a valid visa to board a plane, then they are responsible for the costs at the other end and repatriation. At Istanbul airport there are several people is a holding centre who are not allowed into turkey and cannot 'go back' either, some have been there for weeks, the airline has to feed them.


Visa change for UK tourists
To avoid confusion IA, you are also ok if you have downloaded the visa to your phone or computer.


Visa change for UK tourists
To be honest even if you forget at UK end ,so long as you have smart mob you probably can do it on you mobile , right there in the airport lounge.


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Visa change for UK tourists
Not forgetting the paper print-out is only a backup in-case of a computer malfunction.

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