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Explain this: I have a Virtual Credit Card with Garanti. It is actually a debit card that looks like a CC to sellers; useful because only what is in the account is vulnerable; so, if I need to make a purchase, I pre-load the account with enough to cover that transaction. With on-line Turkish sales (e.g. Gittigidiyor) there is never a problem - as soon as the sale is made, the funds are withdrawn and the card goes back to "empty".

But, with Amazon USA & UK there is always a different process that I have come to accept, but don't understand. Example: I have to make a payment to Amazon equivalent to 1000TL; I load 1000TL onto card and place the order; Amazon, of course, does not take the money until they ship parcel out, so always a delay; but 1000TL goes from my account ( does not show as a payment- just vanishes) within days, Account then (here is the problem) shows minus 1000TL; before I can use the card for anything else I have to pay in another 1000TL to bring the card back to balance; Amazon then ships the package (can be a week or so) and collects payment; within a few days 1000TL is returned to the card by Garanti. So eventually, and always the same, I am never out of pocket.

What is happening?



Virtual Card Poser.
Do amazon purchases come from outside Turkey? Is it just amazon? I can only think that the money goes into something like a holding/escrow account to cover any currency exchange delays. Whatever, someone is using that balance for a week or so, and if you multiply it by lots of accounts all doing the same thing I reckon someone somewhere is probably benefitting at the buyer's expense.

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