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Virgin unveil V Stuff
Virgin now provide a handy place to store files to customers. I got a personal letter from Richard to let me know :)

From: Richard Branson


When I last wrote to you I mentioned I would be in touch about our brand new, free service, V Stuff. Well V Stuff is here and ready for you to download.

Some of our best ideas at Virgin Media come about because you tell us how to change things for the better. So when you told us backup and storage was important to you we created ‘V Stuff’. It’s a really easy, secure way to back up all your most treasured files, automatically. Once you’re activated, you can securely access it from any computer, anywhere. What’s more, you can use V Stuff to get digital prints of your photos for free*.

No other broadband provider offers such a fantastic backup and storage service like this for free.

Your files at your fingertips
There’s 5GB for you to back up and store whatever you like, whether that’s music, documents, photos or film. Which means you could free up space on your PC to speed it up. Access it all wherever you are, from any computer. View and share photo albums, watch videos and listen to streamed music whenever you want.

Safe and sound
Choose the files and folders you want kept safe and we’ll back them up automatically. Add some more, make changes here and there – whatever you do, V Stuff keeps them secure. It’s great for making sure your valuable memories are safe. I know there are pictures of my family and trips that I’ve done which I would hate to lose.

Your favourite photos printed free each month
Just upload your photos, edit them if you want to then pick 25 photos a month and they’ll be printed and sent straight to your door. We’ll even throw in free postage and packing on your first three orders.

Click here to unleash the power of V Stuff today. You’ll need your Virgin Media username (that’s your Virgin Media email address) and password .

V Stuff can be found in My Virgin Media, the new name for Customer Zone. Here you’ll see how we’ve improved our site to make it easier to use, so you can get to your email, eBill and V Stuff all in one place.

Rick (with a silent P)
Virgin unveil V Stuff
My daughter works at Virgin in Flight Management and has met him a few times over the years as well as going to one of his legendary parties in his Oxfordshire mansion years ago.
He is all razzmatazz and smoothie but a good entrepreneur.
Its all brand manipulation with him so the name Virgin sticks in your mind (Throat haha??)
Know what you mean re his marketing stuff Lol

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