Villas not in a Complex
Hi everyone,

We are Kevin and Olga once again, can anyone send us links of Villas not making part in a complex but still having nice views and looking over the Greek Islands (Gumulsuk)? We like the ones like Club Sunset and Silver Cliffs, but as you might know they are in complexes like most of the Villas there.

We would like to see the option of a Villa on its own land and area but still not in the middle of nowhere.

Regards to everyone


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Villas not in a Complex
I own a villa exactly as you describe which is for sale. It is situated in Koyunbaba bay, has gorgeous views and is secluded, but is close to the dolmus route. It is built on its own land so is not subject to site fees.
PM me if you are interested and I can send you pics.


Villas not in a Complex
I also have a private villa in its own grounds in Gumusluk, with lovely views of the greek and turkish islands near the beach and on the dolmus route. No site fees, private. PM me if you are interested and will forward photos and information.

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