Villa needed for next Easter
Hi everyone,

I hope I have picked the correct forum for this message.

I currently live in Adrasan (Antalya region) and am looking for a villa with a pool to rent next Easter for visiting family. It needs to be able to accommodate, wait for it, up to four adults, two of which can share.
And 6/7 children (two boys & five girls).

I can't find anything that will fit the bill around here so am happy to widen the search out along the coast in either direction. The children in most cases will be happy to share so I think 5 bedroom plus.
The pools is a must.

Anyone know of anything suitable & what I can expect to pay.
Not 100% sure if it will be need for one or two weeks yet, may depend on price.

Living in hope,


Villa needed for next Easter
Or why not try the villarenters site? I am sure you will find something on there.

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