Verbs for Gren
Verbs for Gren
Gren asked for an easy explanation of how 'verbs' work.
There isnt an easy explanation.:37:.However the good news is that once you learn the formula for each tense or modification you can apply it for all the verbs.
there are many ways that verbs are modified but as a learner you dont need these yet..
Without offering a lengthy explanation :blah:about infinitives and dictionary forms etc lets just get on with it...
and message for May...dont play 'spot the dot':drama:

the basic formula is
verb root - time - pronoun

to make a verb negative
verb root- neg. sign- time -pronoun

there are other other things that can be added to this basic formula -always after the root-but they will come later. For now its just past present future.

the indicator for the past tense is Dİ (the vowel will change with vowel harmony
to either Dİ DÜ DI DU for now dont let it worry you.

GEL/MEK to come take off MEK and you have the root GEL
GEL-Dİ -M i came ...... past tense sign pronoun M
GEL-Dİ-K we came
GEL Dİ N/NİZ you came
GEL-Dİ he/she/it came
GEL-Dİ-LER they came

put ME after the root to make it negative
GEL-ME-Dİ-M i didnt come

Continuous present tense indicator is İYOR (can be İyor Üyor Iyor Uyor but dont worry about it for now..its just vowel harmony to keep it smootth)
root time pronoun
GEL- İYOR- UM i am coming
GEL-iYOR-UZ we are coming
GEL-iYOR-SUN/UZ you are coming
GEL-iYOR. he /she /it is coming
GEL-iYOR-LAR they are coming.

Put M after the root for the negative
GEL-M-iYOR-UM i am not coming

the future tense indicator is ECEK (can be ACAK for the vowel harmony)
NB...When a word ends in K and is taking a suffix starting with a vowel the K always changes to Ğ.
Therefore in every future tense verb for İ and WE ..its like the following
GEL-ECEĞ-İM i will come say it gel e-ji yim (J as in Jam)
GEL-ECEĞ-İZ we will come say it gel eji yiz
GEL-ECEK -SİN/İZ you/you will come
GEL-ECEK he she it will come
GEL-ECEK-LER they will come

For the negative
GEL-ME-Y-ECEĞ/K (the y is a buffer letter)

heres some examples of different vowels ..and you can see the formula is exactly the same...the vowels change for harmony thats all.

OTURMAK to sit or to reside.
root time pronouns
oturdum/ i sat oturduk/we sat oturdun/uz you sat
oturdu/ he sat oturdular/ they sat
negative oturMAdım the DU is now DI for the vowel harmony

İSTE-MEK to want İSTE root
Root time pronoun continuous present tense
İST(e) İYOR UM the E is dropped
istiyorum istiyoruz istiyorsun/uz istiyor istiyorlar
in ALL present tense verbs the pronouns are always um uz sun sunuz lar as harmonise with YOR.

ALMAK to take
root time pronoun
AL ACAK IM but K/Ğ so,, therefore AlacaĞim say it alajayım
alacağım i will take alacağız we will take alacaksın/ız you will take alacak he she it will take alacaklar they will take

:307bt: ok Gren..did you get that...
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Verbs for Gren
Turkish is one of the few languages that is 99% regular - the grammar, once you get your head around it, is actually consistent - unlike English and its many 'exceptions'. Strongly recommend anyone who has been putting it off to dive straight in ...

I used to teach Turkish at the ITBA (British Council) to their teachers, and I learned German from a Turk in Stuttgart, and I actually think non-native speakers are better teachers, at least for beginners. They are more empathetic, know what's really needed, and can explain better. (Nope, I'm not looking for a new job though.)
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Sunny Seasider

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Verbs for Gren
Thanks for this very valuable thread once again Shirley. I always get my ending wrong, I don't know whether I'm coming or going, lol.


Verbs for Gren
It shows what a good teacher you are when I know if there is a dot missing or if there is one dot too many.
Verbs for Gren
thanks May..thats very knd of you..and of course its true haha...glad you didnt take my dotty explosion to heart on Friday ...xxxx


Verbs for Gren
Looking forward to Friday, and to show there is no hard feelings I'm going to bring an apple for the teacher, then I'll be teachers pet Haa Haa. See you Friday.


Verbs for Gren
Shirley you're very kind, thank you for the thoughts.
I will spend some time on it and see if my slow brain can get the ideas.
I really appreciate it - thanks again!

Ben çalışacak
Verbs for Gren
Shirley you're very kind, thank you for the thoughts.
I will spend some time on it and see if my slow brain can get the ideas.
I really appreciate it - thanks again!

Ben çalışacak

hmmmm..çalış -acaĞ-IM :Flower: now get on with it

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