Can anyone tell me what the above town is like and how it fares from October to February weather wise compared to sheltered Fethiye ???

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It will be significantly colder, not because of shelter but because it is higher up.



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If you're looking at properties there you need to be aware that, because it's a valley, part of it is in almost constant shade.

In winter there are frosts and some snow, which you don't get in Fethiye.


Hi Dragonland, I know Uzumlu well. It is a village some twenty minutes away from Fethiye and 30 minutes away from Oludeniz, 2.5/3 hours from Antalya, 1 hour from Dalaman airport, 1 hour to Denizli. It is partly valley and lots of mountains. An average 5 degrees cooler in the summer than Fethiye, and contrary to what has been said, rarely gets snow, but does get frost in the winter. Fethiye can be cold in February, in October Uzumlu is slightly colder, but still nice. You will need a car, although the Dolmus (local buses) do travel regularly into Fethiye...It is a beautiful spot with English, American and European expats. There are a couple of cafes, a couple of places to eat, nice walks and a wine house...

If you are thinking of buying there, some of the villas are nice, some are not, watch the quality. There is land around, so you can buy land and build your own...However, make sure that the land is already parcelised. Don't buy in the valley is my advice, a lot of water... Look at nice plots on teh side of the mountains or up a bit. Need any help on that drop me a private message.
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