Uzumlu & Incirkoy....
Üzümlü village is located on a plateau, which it shares with neighbouring village of Incirkoy. Üzümlü literally translated means “ grape yard or place of grape”. As it’s name infers you will see grapevines scattered around all parts of the village and will find the locals will be happy to share their produce with you.

Incirköy means “fig village”. This village is located at the opposite side of the Üzümlü plateau.


The population of Üzümlü and İncirköy are 1765 and 971 respectively.

Üzümlü has its own Municipality that make things much easier for foreign investors buying in the region. They look after registrations, building administration, water, roads, street cleaning etc. Market day is Friday.

The locals are adept at utilising the land to make their living. Produce includes wine, grape-juice, vinegar, olives, olive oil, tobacco, fig and fig products as well as weaving “Dastar – scarf”.


At an altitude of more than 500 metres Üzümlü and İncirköy villages enjoy very pleasant summer nightime temperatures in marked contrast to the coast where temperatures are much higher. During the winter months, a 20-minute journey will take you towards Cameli, the beginning of the snow line, which boasts snow-peaked mountains and incredible views and where you can find many fine slopes on which to toboggan or snowboard.

The attractive rural villages of Üzümlü & İncirköy are around 18km from the coastal market town of Fethiye and can be reached by minibus or dolmus.


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Uzumlu & Incirkoy....
Thanks merlin,

Nice little post, did not realise we had bought so near the snow line, better get my winter wollies out and get a sledge made, or a old tin tray.

All I have to do is find some people who live there, there is one other forum member who I know lives there.

Anyone tasted the wine that they make at the local wine shop?



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Uzumlu & Incirkoy....
It is a fantastic place to live Uzumlu, I now I Live there.


5Deg C difference than Fethiye. Winter time after 4pm it does get colder but day time is still very nice, shorts and t-shirt still.


Wine house in Uzumlu is nice as well.


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Uzumlu & Incirkoy....
I took some visitors to one of the Wine Houses that also produces lace and other woven products.
Complimentary glass of wine prompted me to try to buy more. She sold me one 2Ltr bottle of last years harvest for YTL12, but would not sell more as she was running out and needed to keep a supply for visitors until the new wine came through this year.

We then went on past İncirköy where we bought fresh figs from children at the side of the road for YTL 1 for a large bag. (see fethiye food thread for restaurant we went to).

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