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can anyone help?we purchased a property in ladies beach area from a very helpfull agent who took us through the purchasing procedure with ease, no problems, BUT we seem to have to keep paying him bits and bobs for things that were never mentioned. could someone explain to me 'earthquake insurance', where do my electric and water bills go,is there a standing charge and how should i pay them are there any local council/service bills? all he says to me is 'dont worry marc its no problem' i'm sure he means well but he knows the system. help.


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not sure if it is the same in Kusadasi as in Fethiye, earthquake insurance is mandatory, ours for the year is 83.60tl of which 38tl is the councils money, the remainder should be towards your rebuild; however it is alway wise to top this up in your house/contents insurance, the level of cover is calculated on the size of the property.

Electricity and water; all according to whether a new build the connection charges, prices again differ, copies of passport and approx 150tl for electric. passport copies and 70tl water dont expect a bill then for at least 2 months, and then it is like an easter egg hunt, it could be left inside the meter boxes, or jammed in the front door or they may just leave it in a letter post box.

You can set up the electric to pay by auto pay at the bank, water has to be paid manually, now there is one bank that will accept auto pay but not 100% it is Halk bank. but needs checking, or i have heard people paying more money to their water bill to cover whilst away.

Normal extras: pay your 3% then all notar fees and the tax of the property when you got your Tapu, this is worked out on the value placed on your Tapu not what you actually paid for the property. you will not then have to pay the council again until one year later. again differs from resale properties to newbuild.

If it is a new property usually no property tax. but, you still have to pay council tax. Council tax falls due 31st May each year, ours was 34tl again i believe it is based on the stated value on the Tapu.

But then again it depends who is on the counter that day!:)

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