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Updating Car plate number for foreigners

I bought a car in turkey when i was Foreigner. it is with "MN" plate number.
Now i am turkish citizen and i would like to know what i need to do to be regulated?

Where i apply to get a new car plate number as turkish citizen, what documents are required and how about my Driving License? do i also renew this?

Or i can simply update my kimlik number in the system ?

I need someone help me about this topic please.



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Updating Car plate number for foreigners
Is there nothing on Doc Martin? If not I'd have a word with the police or ikamet office. In Alanya there used to be office's help you get a number plate is there none in your area they will know.


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Updating Car plate number for foreigners
I would visit the local police traffic office. If you have not already done so i think that finger prints will need to be taken. You do not say if you already have Turkish licence, but that will deffo be needed.

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