Shake It Baby...
Updated Fairy Tale
A modern ending for an old fairytale....​

The big bad Wolf said "I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down."


The little piggy, puts his head out of the window and says

"F .. off or I'll sneeze on you."




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Updated Fairy Tale
Once apon a time, were three little pigs living in the strongest house,because the other houses were bull dozed by the authorities with this land grab policy of theirs.
Well the big bad man from the council came and said you pigs in that house,come out now or l’ll get my team of workers to bull doze this house down to make way for a highway.
The senior pig stuck his head out of the window and grabbed the council man by the collar and dragged him inside.The other two pigs nuzzled their noses in his face and after that,the two pigs grabbed a hold of the council man and tossed him out of the window.A case of swine flew out of the window.

Sorry,l’ll do better next time,l just thought that one up
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