update on windows live messenger
Hi everyone, I had to do an "update" or it wouldn"t let me continue to the site,since doing this I cannot do a video call to anyone we can type ok to each other but can"t speak or get webcam on?? any suggestions please as I am totally thick on these things!!! Thank you
update on windows live messenger
Hi ted, as I said I"M thick!! haha, will that loose me everything else on my computor thank you

ted j

update on windows live messenger
No, Just clear your screen to screensaver, then click START (bottom left) click ALL PROGRAMS, then click ACCESSORIES, then click SYSTEM TOOLS then click SYSTEM RESTORE. A box will pop up, choose "RESTORE MY COMPUTER TO AN EARLIER DATE" . Then pick a date (the most recent one before you had probs) the dates you can choose are highlited .Then just let your comp do it's business, it will restore your comp to that date and re-start it. (write these instructions down beforehand) and see if it cures it. You should still have everything on your comp that you had on that date(pics, antivirus, documents etc). Ted
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