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Up to 50% off at Comet
Fill in your details and sign up to Comet's latest deal email and you'll be sent a unique voucher code worth up to 50% off any purchase before Xmas!
You can enter as many email addresses as you want :biggrin1:

Now lets see who can get the biggest discount !!

I got a 10% off code, but my daughter got 20% off :peace:

My voucher codes | Comet advice

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Up to 50% off at Comet
Got 5%, dont like Comet at the best of times and wont be going there for 5% off . Thanks for the prompt though ! Maybe try another e'mail for that 50%


Up to 50% off at Comet
5% only for the 5 emails that I sent:( still thanks for the heads up :)


in my own clique
Up to 50% off at Comet
i did,nt get a discount or a code ..would it be becuase i am in turkey....:hurt:


Completely Chillaxed
Up to 50% off at Comet

I got email replies to my Yahoo.co.uk and Fastmail.net addresses but the discount percentage and the code fields were blank.

Anyway, it probably just another phishing exercise.
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Up to 50% off at Comet
once you sign up to receive their e-mails you will get the voucher sent to you, or so it says on mine


Up to 50% off at Comet
I received an email but, like KKOB, the fields were blank! Must be because we're in Turkey methinks...


Up to 50% off at Comet
I live in Turkey and also only got 5% off. Would.nt care but i ordered a christmas present for my son from them last week!! thought i would have got more with being a recent customer


Up to 50% off at Comet
Im in Turkey I got 5 % Woo Hoo.

Hugs Maggie xx Check your spam folder e mail was in there.!!

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