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I saw this on the news the other night (can't remember which channel) and their camera was at the rear of the ambulance for the whole incident. The accident victim was put in the ambulance and the driver came out of the back, closed the doors and went to the front of the vehicle. Meanwhile another paramedic opened the back doors and went in, failing to close them behind him. Next minute the ambulance drives off and the patient came flying out of the back doors and the trolley tipped on it's side. I was so shocked I still can't stop thinking about it.

Just hope the poor man is OK


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It's a basic procedure to ensure that the back doors are properly secured - the trolleybed should also have been locked down.

I'm not speaking from any knowledge of these things incidentally, just an educated guess....

i have a young friend here who is tetraplegic following an accident when swimming. the first on the scene was a doctor! and my friend was still conscious as the ''doctor'' moved his head from side to side asking if he had any pain!!.....his neck was broken..we will never know how much more damage this stupid man caused.
Another time i was first on the scene when a man crashed his scooter his leg was obviously broken and a crowd gathered with one hysterical woman running out with a bottle of lemon cologne..the cure-all in turkish folk lore. the man got up on one leg and tried to get on the bike again..then police and ambulance arrived and still he wouldnt go to the hospital...he called his uncle first to ask if he should!
Some years ago yusuf got bashed over the head with a log... he fell to the gound knocked out..the ambulance and police arrived and he was taken to the hospital..Because he'd had a drink that night..he wasnt drunk..but they could smell alcohol..they just stitched him and sent him home without an xray. Days later when the swelling went down he had a depression in his skull in which you could fit an egg..they hadnt bothered to xray him and he had a fractured skull.
you just have to watch news reports on the telly where theres an accident to see how people are handled by 'paramedics' to realize there is little training and even less know how.

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