Unique Taşkale and Manazan Caves
About 40 kilomtres from Karaman you can step back in time to a little old town called Taşkale which lies under the Manazan caves.
The caves were dwelling places of early Christians and today are mostly used for storing wheat and other grains. İ think that people too still live in some of the places.
İts over 16 years since i visited this place and i looked everywhere for information of it at the time İ found very little i read that it might have been the biblical site of Derbe..but again there isnt a great deal to substantiate this.
Nevermind...lack of historical facts aside this is a unique..and i have to stress that...its really a one off and if you are thinking of exploring Turkey and are going to be in the Konya region i would recommend this place to you.

and also the next two places are worth a detour especially Çatalhüuk

On the other side of Karaman there is an area known locally as Binbirkilise
or 1001 churches. These ruined churches monasteries and chapels are scattered around the Karadağ or Black Mountains and the area is largely unexplored although i have heard that they now do paragliding ..time moves on.

Again is this region near the town of Çumra is the very ancient neolithic Çatalhöyük a settlement discovered in 1958 and is still being excavated..in its time it would have been a busy town with a sizable population.
the murals found here are the oldest in the world on a man made structure.

Global Heritage Fund | GHF
Catal Huyuk | Catalhoyuk | Catal Hoyuk


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