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Does anyone have an e-mail address for this shop? It sells superb originals and we missed a visit last week. There seems to be a link to a similar shop inthe bazaar in Fethiye.


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Unique Hisaronu
Hi, you'll find that both shops are owned by the same person, a nice guy called Cem. He has a shop in Hisaronu but his main outlet is in Paspatur down in Fethiye.

Unique Hisaronu
We will be in Hisaronu in less than 3 weeks if you dont have any joy contacting them let me know and i will obtain details for you.

Hope that helps



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Unique Hisaronu
I've got Cem's mobile number and also Alper's, his nephew, who runs the Hisaronu shop now. If you want them, PM me.
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