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Unintentional Statements
Were there times in your life when you have spoken that came out completely different to what you wanted to say.”Well”,it does happens to me regularly, and there is one incident that does stick out in mind a long time ago in England when l was arguing with a sales guy in a shop about a faulty product l bought.

The salesman told me this product has been deliberately tampered with and therefore cannot be exchanged.l shouted at him while the other shoppers were around.”l Shouted out”,l have never been so constipated in all my life..l waited a few seconds for it to sink of what l have just said and repeated the statement,but this time correctly what l should’ve said.

l have never been insulted in all my life.Unfortunately the sales guy didn’t take me seriously because he was in stitches so were the other staff that heard this.

I took the product and just walked out.
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