Unconventional weddings
I have just spoken to the dearly beloved still in Yalikavak who is bored, hot, lonely and looking foward to coming home, he will arrive just in time to celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary - which obviously got us remembering our wedding day.
Not being a couple to rush into things we actually waited 3 whole days before moving in together and decided to marry within a further 24 hours, we then had to wait a few months for a registry office slot.
We got things organised easily enough. Warned our favourite pub, booked a couple of bands, bought a ring and told a few friends. Sorted.
So on the morning of the 'Big Day' I was standing in the sitting room of our little cottage all ready in my best orginal red label levis, my leather polished and my crash helmet gleaming - and I suddenly thought 'how do I get to the Registry Office'.
Fortunatly my step-father and mother arrived in thier chosen vehicle of the time, a very original multi-coloured truck which had started life as a 2VC and sort of mutated from there. We couldn't get mother in the back, so I arrived at the registry office by throwing back the cavas hood and jumping over the wooden tailgate of this 'vehicle'.
Then the ground began to rumble and the bikes started to arrive - and arrive, and arrive! And we're only supposed to have 17 in our tiddly registry office - 48 packed themselves in, sweating gently in thier bike gear.
The Dearly Beloved had arrived sporting a T shirt with the logo 'I am the Groom' - just after the ceremony he dissapeared into a shrub and emerged wearing a T shirt with the simple word 'Sold' across his chest.
The bikes all set off for the nearby town (my home town of Rye) to our party venue in our favourite pub, 3 bikes rode as 'outriders' i.e. they rode across the junctions, stopping the traffic all the way along Hastings seafront as all the summer tourists stopped to wave.
When we got there the Dearly Beloved wanted somewhere to lock up his bike for the night and a friend offered his garage just a ten minute ride away. So Roy (male with amazing long blond hair) got on the back of the harley (still complete with the Just Married signs) and rode through Rye to even more cheers by even more tourists.
Friends spilled out into the pub garden sprawling on the grass, the band played, a spit roast appeared and was quickly consumed, the Pig Farmers arrived on thier amazing Rat Bikes and all was right with the world - and then we noticed some strange looking people in our midst, wearing flowery frocks and ties etc. Turned out there was a posh wedding further into the town, but the guests had got bored and come to ours instead!
My last view of my 'Wedding Reception' was the sight of my mother in her old denim gardening skirt, jiving to Led Zeplin while my brother tried to keep his dredlocks out of her martini.
It was a good day.....


Unconventional weddings
Nice one again as ususal.

Makes me think of my brother, spent my teenage / pub years pillion (not sure of spelling) my brother used to seriously sulk. - his girlfriend had to go on his mates bike because Mum would only trust me on his bike! -and his girlfriend insisted I came, even tho too young to be in the pubs let alone drink and play darts!

He has at least four, used to race too until he came off and had a Barry Sheene op, metal plate and a ton of screws to fix his ankle.

Sounds like it sure was a great wedding!


Unconventional weddings
Congratulations on the 14 years, we've just clocked up 25. I would love to see your wedding pictures!
I had the white frock but we didn't go to church as we felt it would be hypocritical seeing as we rarely set foot in one. We organised it all in 5 weeks, I made and decorated the cake, did all the flowers, borrowed my friends dress who wore it the year before ( and was just divorced), friends bloke picked us up in his Roller and another friend did the catering. I didn't have brides maids but all of my class turned up at the register office to chuck confetti at me. Our honeymoon was in Jersey and we got there with the 2 for 1 train/ferry tickets that Persil was doing at the time. It was a cut price wedding but we enjoyed every moment - and like yours it has lasted. It was funny though because after the honeymoon my new husband went back to his flat and I went to my house 50 miles away. We didn't live together for another 3 months after I had sold my house and left my job.


Unconventional weddings
Ours was even cheaper. We were told that we would have to wait 6 months at the registry office for a slot but when we went in the guy asked us to pick a slot, and when I asked for the nearest one he said 12.30. What day I asked, why today, he said totally straight faced. But witnesses I asked? Pick two out that wedding party over there he said. We did , they did and 20 minutes later for €50 we were Mr and Mrs.

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