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Unclaimed Lottery Wins
Its an amazing but true fact that some people are sitting on a lottery fortune without even realising it. Millions of pounds of UK lottery money are left unclaimed each year before the claim date runs out. Once the claim date expires this money cannot be claimed and the lottery winner will become a lottery loser.

One amazing lottery fact is that around £2 million in lottery prizes are unclaimed every single week. There are a number of people who remember to place their tickets but forget to check and claim their winnings. In just one week in 2008 the amount of unclaimed lottery prizes that were given to good causes totalled £2,411,524. This is a life changing amount of money and the chances of winning again are slim to none.

It is incredible to think that some people will actually buy a lottery ticket, win millions but for some reason not claim the money. In 2008 a Devon ticket holder lost out on a £6.9 million prize. The winner had the lucky numbers in the lottery EuroMillions draw in 2007. He or she never claimed the prize and were probably unaware they held a ticket worth millions for six months.

Some unlucky person was a multi-millionaire for six months back in 2005 but they were unaware of this fact. The largest unclaimed lottery ticket came to £9.4 million in 2005. The ticket was purchased in Doncaster and a town crier was unsuccessfully used to flush out the winner. Once the 180 day expiry had been reached the unlucky ticket holder could no longer claim and he or she became £9 million poorer.

It’s a horrible thought that a million pound winning ticket is sitting hidden in an old coat pocket or down the back of chair. But lost tickets are the main reason people do not claim their prize money. In many cases people use lucky dip draws and do not even know the numbers that were on the lucky lottery tickets.

Not knowing the winning numbers could be a blessing in disguise. The thought of losing a million pound winning ticket would no doubt be an unbearable experience.

If you do lose your winning lottery ticket then you basically cannot claim any prizes. Camelot or retailers will not be responsible for any lost, stolen or mutilated tickets. Even if winning tickets are found or have been stolen by another person you still will not be able to claim unless you can retrieve them. The best insurance is to write your name and address on the tickets. There may be certain exceptions for ticket holders who can prove the winning tickets were stolen but this could be a very long process.

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Alan Fidler

Ceteris paribus
Unclaimed Lottery Wins
Good post C, i was wondering while reading.... do we have any big winners amongst the TLF members, secret jackpot winners...?

Does anyone have any tales of how they missed out on a big win..? How they spent their millions ..?

When the lottery first started I and 9 other workmates got together and started a syndicate, we did the main lottery for 9 years, Weds and Saturday draws.
The most we ever won in a draw..? 75 quid..! though over the period of a year it usually amounted to a couple of hundred quid, might i add, between us, not each, and I as the head of syndicate would share the winnings out at Xmas.

So if you calculate what is costs to do the lottery twice a week over the period of a year between 10 of us for 9 years its quite a tidy sum without much return..
After 9 years people lost interest and we decided to stop doing the lottery... the thing was, we'd all picked our own numbers and we all knew what each others numbers were.
Now, can you imagine how you'd how sick you'd be if out of curiosity for once you decided to check the numbers just to see if you'd won..?
I vowed never to do so... I'd have been suicidal if they come up and we'd won the jackpot..!
I personally only ever do it now when its a big roll over, besides... I'm jinxed... i couldn't even win an argument..!



Unclaimed Lottery Wins
:peace: We do it faithfully every Wednesday and Saturday (the lottery that is) since it started, we even do it when we are away in advance, just won the odd tenner here and there and about 4 years ago we got 4 numbers twice, so did lots get the 4 numbers on those weeks so the payout was very small :peace:

I know if I added it up it would equate to a lot, but being of a positive nature, I feel, if you ain't in, you can't win, and if you apply the law of attraction - who knows, if you believe you can win - then you can !!!!

My mum got 5 numbers last year, small payout just over 2k, but she got quite a sweat until she found out how much, on a good week it would have come in at a lot more.

Good post Ceemac, feel for the poor folks who never knew they were millionaires.

Like you Alan I would love to hear of the fab good luck stories of any TLF members.

Would also love to know if you did win, would you opt for no publicity or would you be happy to share the news.

Personally for a big win, I would like to opt for the no publicity, some folks from near here, won over 2 million and when I see her in town, she walks around with her head down, I think she is embarrassed that folks thinks she may be flaunting it, in town and money is no object, I think that is sad, the poor girl deserved her win and should enjoy it.

Well I'm off to check last nights numbers, remember I opted for no publicity so if I'm not logged on for a few days you know why LOL!!!!

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