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UK's Top 10 Fish & Chip Shops
This thread is aptly in The Cafe!

There's one here from Tess's beloved Ballymena...

'It's a wrap....from thousands of entries here's the shortlist for the national Fish and Chip Shop of the Year competition.'





I Love Kleopatra Beach !
UK's Top 10 Fish & Chip Shops
Theres a very good one in The Shambles in York and one in Ferrybridge , ...The worst i've been to were in Yarmouth , ... I like fresh fish not that frozen stuff , But none of its like it used to be since they started useing oil . .........Diane


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UK's Top 10 Fish & Chip Shops
Ah - well at least Harry Ramsdens still uses beef dripping - and you can taste the difference - starting to look forward to my next trip back


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UK's Top 10 Fish & Chip Shops
..perfect crispy batter..plain flour ,soda water, seasoning,and some malt vinegar ..perfect and crispy every time.:16vf:


UK's Top 10 Fish & Chip Shops
Thanks Ceemac, Fish and Chicken is just across the street from where I work, we only indulge now and again, promise!!!!, it is very very good.

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