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UK will - £75pp in November (charity)
This relates to UK wills (not Turkish) and may be of interest to anyone who needs to make/update a UK will.
November is 'will aid' month - solicitors give their will making services for free in exchange for a 'suggested donation' (£75 single/£150 couple & £40 co-docil ?spelling) to one of a list of nominated charities (there is also a hope you may leave a legacy to a charity). It is cheaper than the normal rate and probably a bit safer than the £5/10 DIY packs from WHSmiths!

See Will Aid: make a will and help charity for more details.

Thought this may be of interest to someone. A bit boring/depressing but essential - I worked for a bank years ago and spent 6 months working on deceased mortgage accounts...it was a real eyeopener seeing the mess it caused for the people left behind.



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UK will - £75pp in November (charity)
Thanks for that Tinky.

So many people i know, family included have never made a will and when i tell them that i have i'm told that, " we think we're tempting fate if we write out our wills " what a load of cobblers ?

I made mine out 6 years ago and paid another £300 out for my mother to make hers out as well, none of the family chipped in but they will all benefit.

After seeing Tinkys post, the next time i make my will Charity will certainly benefit why should i leave anything to family when i hardly ever see them ?

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