UK Passport Translation
I need my UK passport translated into Turkish. Does anybody know of the cost and method of achieving this locally to Bodrum? It is needed to obtain our Iskan.

Thank you.


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UK Passport Translation
I don't know the cost locally to Bodrum, but I believe I'm right in saying that you need it done by a sworn translator and then notarised. All notaries should have one or two sworn translators working with them. They usually charge by the word and number of pages, so I would expect to pay no more than 50tl for the translation.


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UK Passport Translation
I think the rates are standard. I paid 61.40TL last week for a Notarised passport translation, plus 50TL for the translator. This was in Fethiye.



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UK Passport Translation
Thanks Evo,i was going to suggest same person. She has helped me and indirectly the expats on the Bodrum peninsula greatly by translating the sheet of paper with the new RP requirements on Monday,totally free of charge. :)
The total charge for her to translate a passport & No.2 Noter to notorize is 100tl.

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