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UK Holidaymakers at Risk
According to fire authorities, many holidaymakers in the UK are at risk every day due to hotels and guesthouses flouting or being unaware of statutory fire safety and prevention measures.




UK Holidaymakers at Risk
Years ago to get a licence from the local council to run a B & B you had to have a certificate from the Fire Officer.

I can only assume that this isn't the case today or the place isn;t registered as a business for council tax purposes.

Anyone staying in a B &B can ask to see the fire certificate.


UK Holidaymakers at Risk
Hi Evelynne
You are right in that hotels used to be issued with a 'Fire Certificate' (1971 Fire Act). Unfortunately under the (2005 Fire Ammendment Act) there are no longer inspections from the local fire authority and it is now all self assessment.
But despite what this report says, the regulations are far more stringent in the UK and I would much rather 'risk' staying in a UK hotel than one in the rest of europe.

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