Twelve Camels For Your Wife
Hello, I have written a book about my near 50-year love affair with Turkey. It's available in paperback or as an e book on the Amazon platform. Unfortunately you won't be able to get the physical book printed in Turkey via but you can buy it from the UK and have it shipped. It's called Twelve Camels For Your Wife, something a nightclub owner in Istanbul said to me many years ago. You'll see from the blurb I have been involved in a few scrapes, like being arrested as a spy in 1974 when Greece and Turkey were at war over Cyprus. I was also in a resort near Istanbul during the 1999 earthquake that killed 17,000 people. The whole building shook like a bush in a gale but no one was hurt. I have read quite a few similar memoirs but I would like to think mine is up there.

Here is a link: : twelve camels
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