TV's & Satellite..........
Hi All,

Just returned from a 2 week break in Yalikavak. The weather was excellent and the town is looking better and better.

Our apartment is pretty much completed now, and I would like to know what my options are for a tv / satellite. We generally do not find time to watch but as we have friends that may use the apartment and during the off peak periods, it may come in useful.

We are part of a triplex and the block has a Satellite dish on the roof. It is connected to our aparment and has access points in all 3 bedrooms and one in the lounge area. I would only be looking to install a tv in the lounge area at the moment.

My questions are:

I think a 26-32" LCD or something close would be OK.

1) Buy tv in UK and bring across?
2) Buy tv in Turkey? (Where? Kippa, Metro............)
3) What are the options for satellite service?
4) Do any services broadcast english speaking channels or all Turkish / Foreign?
5) Recommended satellite services in Yalikavak (surrounding area) to buy the box and help with installation / dish tweaking.

As we are the only ones in the triplex currently, I do not know if the satellite is correclty positioned etc....

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated as usual.

Kind Regards



TV's & Satellite..........
Hi Paul
İ now live 24/7 in Gümüşlük and was an 'İndependant Sky Authorised İnstaller' in the UK.My advise:- Dont bring a TV from the UK, Tax problems and what about guarentee ? The places you mention are Ok and you may be able to 'Strike a Deal' with any local TV supplier. They are ALL now eager for money.
Any reputable Satellıte supplier can sell you a viewing package of your choice and pocket, similar to Sky in the UK, but far cheaper.You can receive English speaking movies, BBC Prime, UK News, History etc etc, plus foreign channels.They will also carry out the installation for you, at reasonable cost.
İ am now geting a little rusty (possibly due to sitting on too many wet roofs in the UK), but İ still have my Satmeter here with me and have been able to help out a couple of members with problems.
Forget Sky, you need at least a 5 metre dish to receive it and then some channels still have problems, some get away with a 3 metre dish, but they have even more problems, PLUS, it is technically illegal. Every Sky System that you see here, has it's Digibox and card registered with Sky to a UK Address !! Also, the monthly subscription has to be paid from a UK address/Bank Account. İf you went for Sky and only wanted the 'Free to Air' Channels, the Digibox still has to be registered to a UK address.
Best of luck


TV's & Satellite..........
Don't take it with you from the UK.
Will cost you lots of taxes and may cause problems at the customs.

Metro has good options I think



TV's & Satellite..........
hi paul, i know this not about your post, but any good bars resturan ts etc, its good to get up to date info cheers michael


TV's & Satellite..........
Hi Mikey, there has been a really good post going on since the beginning of the year, Favourite places to eat in Yalikavak or something similar. I have been going there for 4 years now and it has opened my horizons past the usual sea front/harbour restaurants that we visit.

With regard to the tv, I had also considered taking my own as I have found flat screen tvs quite expensive in Turkey. I have just bought an ipod dock to take out there with me though as they don't sell them in the Bodrum area anywhere. Hopefully the tvs will get cheaper soon though, as that really sounds like a lot of bother.


TV's & Satellite..........
Last week I bought a 43in. flat screen H.D. T.V., from Arcelic, for 2000tl. I thought that it was a fair price, plus I do not have a big enough suitcase, to fit it in.


TV's & Satellite..........
i have heard of a tv station that you can get in turkey called showtime and it gives you english premiership football and different packages.
TV's & Satellite..........
Was that the best price you found?
I will be looking to buy a 40/42" LCD next week in Marmaris.
TV's & Satellite..........
Not in you area but we bought our tv in Turkey not too bad a price but did bring a cheap £15 Asda DVD player with us and its been fine, cant think what the sat package is called but all we get is various news channels, music channels and the odd english programme if we search long enough, we just paid a one off fee no monthly payments so I dont suppose we can complain.

We have resorted to bringing DVD with us, you know all those box sets we never get to watch at home, just bought 24, Heroes etc, buy them cheap off ebay, always handy when we have had enough sun.



The Carnwath Massive
TV's & Satellite..........
hi paul

we bought a 32" samsung hd ready tv from metro in january for about £450 and I use digiturk which costs about £100 a year for the basic package, there used to be lots of prem football on but most games are now on spormax which would cost more so I now watch the games in sandima bar where he usually has a couple of different games on at once. I am also going to check out nile sat as i believe that has more english channels but i dont have any info yet.


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