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TV Licence Excuses
The UK TV Licence, whether you agree with it or not, is pretty much a necessity, and there are of course those of us (and always will be), who'll dodge it if we can.

Here are some actual excuses of people who've been caught - read 'em and weep heheh

‘My dog watches it while I’m at work to keep him company – not me.’

'The subtitles on my TV are set to French so I’m not paying a UK tax for something I can’t read.’

‘My wife has her hair done twice a week, so we find it difficult to pay.’

‘I haven’t renewed my licence because my wife flushed it down the toilet, along with my wallet.’

‘My husband has just spent £3,000 on this massive flatscreen digital TV so we can’t possibly afford a licence’

‘I haven’t got a licence – I suffer from vertigo’

‘If I switch the television on I’ll wake the Hallowe’en spirits in my cupboard.’

‘I have not been making payments because a baby magpie flew in to my house and I have had to stay in to feed it.’

‘I couldn’t make my last payment as my baby was sick on my shoulder and I didn’t want to go to the shop smelling of sick because the guy I fancy works there.’

'I forgot to pay as my girlfriend hit me over the head with a hammer'

'I have an ASBO so can't go into the village to pay it'

'I can't afford it - I have to pay my cable tv subscription'

'My 11 yr old son must have bought the tv during the night - it wasn't there when I went to bed'

'A pigeon fell down the chimney and broke the aerial so I have a bad reception'

'I didn't buy a license as I dreamt I didn't have to and as the saying goes you have to follow your dreams'

'I have not made my payments as a baby magpie flew into my house and I had to stay home to feed it until it was ok'

'I only use the tv to keep the horses company and one of them is blind, so I should only have to pay half if I pay at all'

'I can't get the tv out of the box. Can you help me?'

'I have not paid due to the fact that my shop only accepts £5 and £10 notes and I haven't got any of those'

And my favourite - simplicity itself, 'My mum told me to tell you that she isn't in'


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