Turtle Rehabilitation Centre - Iztuzu
There are currently two, what I am told are 'huge', turtles in the Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre on the beach. This centre is set back a couple of 100mtrs from the beach. I'm assuming that these are loggerheads, but I don't know for sure.

Visiting times are 10am to 6pm.

Documentaries on marine life and turtles are run daily at 12noon, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm in the lecture centre immediately behind the Beach Hut (on the end of the beach you drive to).

I plan to go myself soon so will add more info (and maybe some photos) then.
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Turtle Rehabilitation Centre - Iztuzu
Yes Carla There are two loggerhead in the tanks one is quite badly injured the other is on the mend and will be released in September. Well worth a visit lots of information. They are being looked after by marine students who speak good English and will tell you all about them


Turtle Rehabilitation Centre - Iztuzu
I've just got back from the Centre. There is one Loggerhead now, Efe, 4 years old injured by a fisherman in Antalya/Kemer area. Yes, he is going to be released in September, he's only just starting eating volontarily, he was being force fed until now.

I'll download photos soon.

As you say Beerlady, the students' English is very good and the centre looks very well set up.


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Turtle Rehabilitation Centre - Iztuzu
We have seen these loggerhead turtles. There was 3 of them when we visited a couple of weeks ago.

Its great as they are very close to you and you can touch them - they lift their heads up out of the water.

The Students were very useful they spoke to us and explained about them.

Its a shame they were badly injured, as you can see from the photo 1 has an injury on the back of his/her head.



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Turtle Rehabilitation Centre - Iztuzu
Latest photos. there are 5 turtles there at the moment.


The rescue centre, it has 8 holding tanks.






Ekincik is the most badly injured with a deep gash to the head and may lose an eye.

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