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Turning The Clocks back.
...... been hearing this every year for yonks never happens ......


Turning The Clocks back.
"Decision no. 24005 dated September 6, 2016, issued by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources amended the second article of the Law Regarding the 24-Hour Day."
Turkey opts for daylight saving time throughout the year - Daily Sabah
Also announced in every Turkish newspaper...

According to the website- www.timeanddate.com- summertime ended in Turkey just over twelve hours ago without a time change. I personally would not set too much store in voices as it has a record of bloopers. As far as the Daily Ssbah is concerned, well, each to his own. The suggestion that every other Turkish paper is saying the same also proves wrong; ie, TRTWORLD, no. The Turkish Sun, no. Hurriyet Daily News, no. Anadolu Ajans, no. At the time of posting!

I think we will have to wait another seven weeks or so to find the truth..... if it really matters to a bunch of OAPs.

ADDENDUM It's official, my wife just spotted it in MSN !
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Turning The Clocks back.
I haven't checked every newspaper but its certainly in the Hurriyet....


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Turning The Clocks back.
Although here in the UK I have always been a advocate of also doing away with turning the clocks backwards and forwards every year, but if what they say with regards to energy consumption, then I suppose it is still something to reconsider.
Turkey saves about 800 million to 1 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity through the daylight saving time, equivalent to the annual power production of a mid-level hydroelectric power plant.
It will mean Turkey will be three hours ahead of the UK when the UK turns its clocks back by an hour in October.
Turning The Clocks back.
So now there will be different time zones between North and South Cyprus.

Yes, North Cyprus are doing the same, and yes, the south are going to be an hour behind us, in winter, and that could get abit confusing for those people catching flights from Larnaca. xx

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