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Turkish Valentines Day
I know it's nowhere near Valentines Day but I stumbled on this and thought I'd post anyway.

Valentines Day was practically unheard of in Turkey not so many years ago. But the younger generation, particularly in the large urban areas, slowly began to embrace this western tradition - now, the middle aged group appears to be celebrating it in growing numbers.

In Turkish, you can say Happy Valentines Day like this; 'Sevgililer günün kutlu olsun!', and a Turkish valentines message could be something like this, 'biliyormusun her gökkusagının bittigi yerde bir hazine saklanırmıs. eskiler böyle der. gökkusagını takip ettim gecenlerde sende bitti... en degerli hazinemsin benim. canımsın. sevgililer günün kutlu olsun', which translates to 'Long time ago they used to say that at the end of every rainbow is a hidden treasure...Last night I followed the rainbow and it finished at you...you are my most precious treasure! You are my soul. Happy Valentine!'

According to Todays Zaman, Turkish consumers now spend more on Valentine's Day gifts than on two other prominent dates -– Father's Day and Mother's Day. The amount of money spent on gifts for valentines reached some TL 642 million in Turkey this year.

Even Turkish Airlines got in on the act last year in a Valentines Day promotion, when they offered to fly the second person of a couple for only one euro on it's international flights.

Anyway, it's a bit early (or late!), but here's a rose for all you TLF ladies :438qr:


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