Turkish Tourism Bounces Back!
A to change draft law on tourism taxes after objections
Ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) government plans to revise a new draft law that levies accommodation taxes based on the type of the business, Hürriyet daily reported on Thursday.

In the current version, visitors would be charged on a per person basis, with the costs determined by how many stars the hotel has, from 6 ($1) to18 liras ($3.20) per night.

However, the authorities decided to revise the draft by changing the tax regime from preset rates to two percent of the daily accommodation price after objections from Turkish hoteliers, saying that it would severely affect domestic tourism, Hürriyet said.

Mid-tier hoteliers earlier said the new law would damage domestic tourism since the tax rates mentioned in the current draft amounts to some 30 percent of the daily rate for hostels and three-star hotels, which serve the majority of Turkish customers.


The Yorkshireman
Turkish Tourism Bounces Back!
This last summer was the first year we've seen people camping on the beach.

Might be busier this coming summer when these increases take effect.


Turkish Tourism Bounces Back!
Why is this post still being posted as it's really old now and does it still apply?


Postless Pointer
Turkish Tourism Bounces Back!
The recent posts do , as indicated by the time and date notification , earlier posts lend creedence to new contributors and returning posters , without needing to search .



Turkish Tourism Bounces Back!
At Bayram last year we had people sleeping in parked cars across the road from us, going down to beach side cafes for a shower and breakfasts. Datca had n influx of 100, 000 across the peninsula, totally beyond capacity and services.


Turkish Tourism Bounces Back!
That's why we only visit in the shoulder months Kanga. Couldn't stand all the crowds nor the heat.


Grey wisdom
Turkish Tourism Bounces Back!
I was reading about Venice's ban on tour ships in the city and wondering what happened to Istanbul's great 'get the cruise ships into the city' idea.

The levels of pollution emitted are staggering.

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