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Turkish Resident Visa extension
Hi i want to be in marmaris for 6 months so i want a extension on my visa. When applying can i pay someone to handle the paperwork and translation in marmaris while i am there,plus how much will it cost.
Thank you all for any help.


Bodrum buddy
Turkish Resident Visa extension
Check the Doc Martin files on residency but think minimum is for 1 year. If you are under 65 you will need 1 year's health insurance. You can get some to do it for you but costs will vary depending upon who you use eg someone doing it as a business or the cousin's friend of the barman. Definitely Doc Martin's files is where to check first .
Do you now anyone eg expats in Marmaris that have experience there?


The Yorkshireman
Turkish Resident Visa extension
The TLF forum has copies of Doc Martins files (work in progress).

So please check the Turkish Life Forum......


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