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Disclaimer: The information here is provided as a general guide. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information is up to date and accurate, information given here from the Turkish Government, DGMM, GOC, British Consulate & other official websites may be subject to change at any time.

How To Track Your Application & Average Waiting Time


It can take anything from 10-80 days to receive your card (remember it is not just a few Brits, Dutch, Germans etc applying), every time you see in the Turkish papers that more Syrian refugees are found, most of these too make applications, some under the humanitarian banner, for a residence permit. So there are 1000’s constantly applying & waiting for their cards.
All applications from every GOC office in Turkey go to just one office in Ankara for final checking and issuance of the RP card.

If you posted your application (or applied in Istanbul), the wait can be as long as 60-70 days.


If by the 80th day the card has not arrived then follow the info below…
Call the 157 helpline
Go to the RP application site where you made your online application.
Click on either first application or renewal (whichever you applied for).
There are then 3 options, 1) make application 2) continue application 3) see the result of application
Click on ‘see the result of application’ and enter application number, yabanci kimlik number (or passport number) and mobile number as requested. You should be able to see if your application is listed, so confirming it is being processed or not.
Go back to the GOC office you applied at & enquire, taking your application number & passport with you.

There is never anymore information given either by the 157 helpline or checking online,than either ” in progress/under assessment” or ”application not found ”……If the latter then you must visit your GOC office immediately.

It is advisable when you receive your RP card, if owning a smart phone or tablet ,to take a photo of both sides of your card ensuring the Kimlik no. [99****] is clearly visible. And/or make a colour photocopy of both sides.

Tracking Barcode Procedure


The residence permit card is issued from Ankara and sent via PTT to your address.
If the address is not found or the recipient is not in, the residence permit card will not (officially) be delivered to a third person.
You may need your passport to show as proof of identity.

The residence permit document stays at your PTT Cargo’s nearest branch for 10 (ten) days.
If documents are not collected within this period, they will be returned to the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management [GOC] Office where the application was made.
You WILL DEFINITELY need your passport to show as proof of identity

When your RP card is dispatched from Ankara you are notified of the mail tracking number (barcode) by an SMS from the PTT (Turkish Post Office) to your mobile phone only if your TURKISH mobile number was submitted during application. The system does not recognise any foreign phone numbers & the tracking system does not work with house phone numbers.



When you receive the above text, click here to track your returning package daily until it arrives.

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