Turkish PM to Demand End to Cyprus Deadlock....
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan will address “powerful messages” to world leaders in the US visit he is to start on Monday, September 12.

In his third visit to US in 2005, Erdogan is to attend United Nations (UN) World Summit, which he regards as an important opportunity to highlight the Cyprus issue that assumed crucial importance prior to the negotiations with the European Union (EU) that are expected to begin on October 3.

The Turkish Prime Minister is to bring in the subject back to the UN platform at the New York summit which is to be attended by the leaders of almost all countries. In his September 15 address to the world leaders, Erdogan will expound Turkish theses and ask the leaders to help end the Cyprus deadlock. He will also hold head-to-head talks with the leaders. Cyprus will be the major article on Erdogan’s agenda in the talks he is to hold with the media, think thanks and lobbies.

Prior to his five-day US trip, Erdogan, meeting with the Turkish foreign policy staff, studied how Turkey can use the summit more efficiently. The Prime Minister’s close entourage predicts he is to address “powerful messages” during the summit. The US visit, which is deemed important as an occasion for Ankara to expound on the UN platform the policies it followed, is expected to be marked by the Cyprus issue.

Erdogan will elaborate the referendum process in Cyprus in-depth. Noting Turkey had played its part, he will remind that Turkish Cypriots said yes to the UN solution and that, in contrast, Greek Cypriots assumed an uncompromising attitude against the UN.

UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s report, which attested the conducts of both parties in relation to the referendum process, will be reconsidered as the sole way to convince the Greek Cypriots, who have been avoiding the negotiation table. Prime Minister Erdogan will also demand leaders to take action about the economic sanctions to which Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) is subject. During the bilateral talks, the Turkish Prime Minister will reportedly lobby for Turkey’s election as an UN Security Council member.

Erdogan who is expected predominantly to discuss the Cyprus issue Annan will also meet with his Spanish counterpart Jose Luis Zapetero in the frame of “Civilizations’ Alliance”. The Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf also are the other leaders Erdogan will come together.

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