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Turkish Nargile/Hubble Bubble Pipes
Old Turkish hubble-bubble lovers state that smoking a hubble-bubble is nothing like smoking a cigarette and also add 'Cigarettes are for nervous people, competitive people and people on the run. When you smoke a hubble-bubble, you have time to think. It teaches you patience and tolerance, and gives you an appreciation of good company. Hubble-bubble smokers have a much more balanced approach to life than cigarette smokers.' As long as there is a need for company and friendship, as long as people want to stop and think, there will be Nargile Cafes' is one of the most popular sayings nowadays.

Personally, I don't smoke and I thought I would not like the Nargiles but I LOVE them!!! So do all my non-smoker friends who have tried them out. Apple tobacco in a nargile pipe is like sucking apples, not hard tobacco as in a cigarette. Mmmmmm!!!!!:7: - somehow I feel sure I will be hearing back from cigarette smokers on this one?! - I'm off to hide ....:bolt:
Turkish Nargile/Hubble Bubble Pipes
Ok maybe im boring but never felt the urge to smoke and don't feel im missing anything by not trying a Nargile either. Aparently there is a village well im not quite sure what but near Akbuk a very primative place that has lots of people on happy stuff not sure if its the same thing or not. Does anybody know where im talking about?
Turkish Nargile/Hubble Bubble Pipes
Banned??? Surely you mean in restaurants etc. Shirleyann.
Hi Rob..yes you are right ....i should have added inside places smoking is banned
doesnt matter what they call it..its still Tütün/tobacco and the nargile/hubble bubble pipe is now banned inside places.


Turkish Nargile/Hubble Bubble Pipes
It may well be that the nargile is a route to contemplation, relaxation and the rest, but it would seem from recent experience that it is not a substitute for cigarettes...on a long and pleasant evening out at Chill Out Bar last week we were offered a 'go' of a nargile. One of our companions enjoyed it so much that he spent around twenty minutes puffing away in a leisurely manner, apparently at peace with the world and deep in thought....then he said "Enough of that - I need a cigarette now" and proceeded to light one up!


Turkish Nargile/Hubble Bubble Pipes
whether its apple flavoured of not..its still tobacco..and now banned.

If you do a little bit of background research you will find that a tobacco/nicotine/tar free flavoured mallassus based product is readily available and in common use.
I gave up smoking 7 yrs ago and would not touch a tobacco based product now, but i do frequently smoke a shisha/hookah pipe while in Egypt, Turkey and at home, owning 3 pipes myself. The products are readilly available on the internet at a cheap price as they do not contain tobacco...Tax free!...Approx £10 for 500g.
However i am in favour of no smoking inside bars etc, but outside in a well ventilated area i feel is ok, and is part of the culture of the said countries above.
My friends love having a go when we have bbq's etc, but we do get funny looks from people who have not yet come into contact with the pipes before, the most common of which seems to be they think we are smokind some kind of drug?
I find it very relaxing, espacially after a hard days work, but for most part do not smoke and drink at the same time as it seems to increase the effect of the alchahol.

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