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Turkish Mobile Phone Companies
Turkey's GSM mobile (cell) phone companies are Turkcell (900 Mhz, the largest), Telsim (900 Mhz, next largest), and Avea (1800 Mhz, the smallest).

Turkcell's coverage is the best in Turkey, pretty much everywhere, except for occasional relatively small dead spots in a few remote and/or mountainous areas in the eastern region of the country.

Telsim, with 22% of the mobile phone customers in Turkey, has fairly good coverage in towns and cities larger than 10,000 population, but the least complete coverage of the three companies.

Avea, with 17% of Turkey's mobile phone customers, has extensive coverage of the country. You probably won't find significant areas in your travels that have no service. (Avea was formed when two mobile phone companies, Aycell and Aria, merged.)

Here's a coverage map showing Turkcell's coverage; note the few white spots (no coverage) in remote areas of the east:


Although the phone company websites—Turkcell, Telsim and Avea—have English-language sections, the Turkcell website is not much help, and the Telsim website is completely unhelpful. Avea is much better, but still lacking.

The variety and number of mobile phone pricing plans and services demands an intuitive, well-designed interface with full translations that none of these websites has. They have lots of moving, flashing colored graphics, but no way to help you choose a pricing plan easily.

Source: Turkey Travel Planner


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