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Sitting on the terrace last night, chilling with a glass or 2. suddenly my ankles got bitten, through my socks. Sodding flies. We decided to put up an A4 sized fly paper (we do this every year). i was horrified this morning when we discovered one of 'our' swallows stuck to it. (we have 5 nests above the terrace, 2 had been used by sparrows, 3 by swallows). I managed to free the bird's wings, put it on the table and it flew off. I suspect its favourite colour is not yellow. We have taken it down until the 'nesting season is over. the bird was really calm, they do get used to humans.
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Turkish living
Well! I've just navigated my way to my oldish Turkish living post. Hallelujah!.
I'd love to bring this back to life with winter Turkish living. Who's there? 'is anybody out there' living winter life. I'm sure it must be slightly or hugely different in many parts of Turkey. So would so love to read about winter life even in covid times. Is it a struggle is it easy is it the same. ??

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Turkish living
Here in Didim, it is a lot busier than previous winters primarily due to holiday home Turks staying over winter
The neccessary weekend curfew is a pain but seems to be working here as we now have no red dots indicating no live cases


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Turkish living
Istanbul and North East Turkey are currently suffering their usual winter snows, but here in Didim we just have the usual rain downpours and this winter I think has been one of the mildest over the last few years
But lockdown or not, there are plenty of people still walking and driving around

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