Turkish lessons
For anybody interested in joining the classes again for the winter we will be a get together on Friday at 2pm to decide days and times and different levels .
Looking forward to getting going again.
Friday 2pm at Eden Restuarant on the Oba coast road.
Turkish lessons
Hi shirley,hope you and the gang are all ok,have booked our tickets for next may on the 7th to move over,the weather over here is getting cold,just one more horrible winter to get through lol my daughters baby should arrive at xmas so will keep us busy,then all hands to get things sorted.
Best regards Ang and Mark
ps will be joining you classes,thats if you will let us lol
Turkish lessons
it will be nice to see you ..the weather is still really hot in alanya..nice to have a xmas baby
take care xx


Turkish lessons
Shirley, wad'ya mean hot and sunny here!!!! we have just had the most violent storm I have ever seen, apartments are flooded out and roads are rivers, anyway we will probably be there on friday,see you.
love Warren Val

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