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Turkish Lessons in Stockport

Can you please advise if you still teach Turkish Lessons in Stockport.

If so can you tell me where they take place, day, time and cost.

Many thanks.



Turkish Lessons in Stockport
The Stockport Turkish lessons moved to the Manchester Language School in Didsbury a couple of years ago.They run beginners and improvers classes and this winters start during the first week of October. Its located about 2 minutes from Parrs Wood and easily accessed from the M60. Try Googling . Apparently I am not allowed to post links yet.


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Turkish Lessons in Stockport

Yes, I have been teaching Turkish in Didsbury for the last couple of years. You are more than welcome if you want to learn/improve your Turkish since we are running Beginners and Improvers too.Please contact me if you want to have your place in our classess. Thank you very much

Korhan Celiker

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