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Turkish cyber police to examine YouTubers airing children

Turkish cyber police to examine YouTubers airing children​

Turkish cybercrimes police units have taken a step to examine persons or families who earn money by broadcasting the daily lives of their babies or children on YouTube, following a lawyer’s complaint petition to the Presidential Communications Center (CİMER).

“The use of children as merchandise is totally against the convention on the rights of the children and child rights,” said Nur Ülküer, the head of the Association of Pediatric Development (CGEDER), while supporting the complaint.

The debate began after Şahin Antakyalıoğlu, a lawyer working on child rights, applied to CİMER complaining that “some parents generate an income on their YouTube channels by airing childcare.”

Naming the situation a “child trade,” Antakyalıoğlu said, “Those children have become victims of abusive parents.”


Turkish cyber police to examine YouTubers airing children
The UK proposed this last month.
There are quite a few youtube child millionaires.
I do not agree with monetizing children for money.There was a young girl abducted in Western Australia last year and the abductor had followed the mother on Facebook for years.
I have never used social media and I think it will lead to more lawsuits in years to come.

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