Turkish citizens seek asylum.
Its good Enoch, to highlight these rarely heard news story of those Turks being persecuted .... which has been going on for quite a while but rarely published.. on the continued and often used persecution in Turkey of Gulen supporters, but also used by political rivals on Leftists and Kurds ..wrongly accusing them by using the same Gulen excuse.

Luckily these every day people Men, women and children you posted tried the Greek route , as the Bulgarians are sending them back,to Turkey automatically denying them asylum returning them to the Turkish Authorities and to continued persecution and possible imprisonment .

Though the Greek routes can be dangerous seen in the link below a Turkish teacher and her two children died at the Turkish Greek border when their boat overturned in the Evros river.

Even when these people reach supposed safety they can be snatched back or the Turkish authorities take it to court to have them extradited the revenge is so strong

Its difficult, many Turks have either been imprisoned for a while or/then fired with the loss of their livelihoods, pensions/benefits denied , many unable to rent a home and unable to congregate with friends or relatives in case seen to be associating with alleged Gulen supporters .., their children denied University places ..............All possibly on the word of some Anonymous accuser neighbour, work colleague , political rival in some jealous revenge. .... for allegedly being related to or a follower of the preacher Fetullah Gülen....

The Gulen accusation as said has been used to also to persecute and imprison political rivals or Kurds or those on the Left.....

Showing it as continuing and historic similar happened in 2018 seen below but in more deadly circumstances.

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Turkish citizens seek asylum.
Many middle class parents are trying to send their children abroad for a university education but the currency rate is stopping that

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