Turkish Citizens Advice Center in Mugla and it is free
Today on my visit to Mugla I noticed a new place had opened that looked like tourist information, but when I entered it appears it is the Turkish equivalent of our CAB.

Alo179 is its name and they speak English amongst other languages as Russian, German and Dutch etc. It is also a 24hr service and the sole purpose is to help foreigners who live here. It is called ALO-179 Tourizm but it was explained that they use that word because it is friendlier, but it is a helpline/service for foreigners in reality and covers any subject matter.


You can only use them from within Turkey and the email is Telephone number is 179 all work undertaken is free and they strive to act the same day you give them a complaint either against the government or individuals.

If you are having problems in court etc then forward the info with court numbers etc and they have the power to demand your case files apparently.

They will take on or advise you on problems you are experiencing with rogue builders or utilities, in fact they have quite a broad remit as it is a pilot scheme with the Vali pushing it as his own baby so to speak. They have in other areas but I do not know where except Istanbul.

They do have clout because they are working under the governor and the two woman below are the persons I spoke to. Arzu on the left is very fluent in English.



They are actively looking for cases to take on so that they can prove it needs extending. I mentioned I would post on here and they were happy for anyone on this forum to contact them by email or phone and they will help.

you can call for ambulance, fire brigade, gendarmerie and police

If anyone uses them can they post what happened?
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Turkish Citizens Advice Center in Mugla and it is free
..also one recently opened in Kusadasi..:Flower:


Turkish Citizens Advice Center in Mugla and it is free
Has anyone else tried the email address as it bounced back as being incorrect.


Turkish Citizens Advice Center in Mugla and it is free
Well done Bickern, it had been mentioned somewhere but not that it had e-mail,
and as you say - a broad remit. Many Thanks


Turkish Citizens Advice Center in Mugla and it is free
From Holiday News Direct - hopefully a few more english sites will pick up on it.


To make guests feel comfortable and in another effort to amp up tourism, there is now a hotline to receive and address visitors’ complaints in Muğla.

“Alo 179 Complaint Service” was established in Muğla to hear tourists’ complaints or suggestions about the city. Officials, who speak English and Russian, will operate the service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All calls to Alo 179 are managed by the Muğla Governorship and will be free of charge.

Tourists can use the service as a resource to gather information they need, in addition to complaints. Muğla Governor said they’ve created a new tourism model. “Everybody in this city should fulfil their duties to be successful in tourism”, he said.

The basic aim is to increase quality and capacity and ensure safety in the city. They want to make the tourists feel comfortable and special on their holidays and city breaks. Everything will be done to remove any inconvenient or unpleasant factors.

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Turkish Citizens Advice Center in Mugla and it is free
i have put this in my diary/tel book now, i just hope i dont have to ring them. has anyone on here used them yet and if so what was the outcome.

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