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Turkish Bath in Altinkum
Hi, I am after details of a turkish bath in Altinkum. I found threads from 2007/8 but wondered if any new details/prices. What is the protocol (swimming costume or nude)? Is there a ladies night or is it mixed? Someone has told me I get hit with a pillowcase full of bubbles (not sure if he was winding me up or not). Grateful for any information.
Thanks, Carol x


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Turkish Bath in Altinkum

There's meant to be one in Didim thats quite good. All the 4/5 star hotels have them. I've had one in Garden of Sun Hotel that wasn't very good, was rushed and marble wasn't warm. Didim Beach Resort hotel was much better and they let kids go for free and give them some bubbles to play.

Not been to Turkish Bath in Didim but all the holiday/Tour companies offer them and will take you there.Some places I believe do a Ladies night and you can ask for a lady if you prefer. Swimming costumes/Trunks etc are kept on. Cost is about £10.

Hope this is of some use.


Turkish Bath in Altinkum
:roundgrin Carol, we had the first Turkish Bath in Altinkum up a wee street near Valentines, opposite the bar and restaurant Niks Place!!, we had the bath and the face pack which I liked, made your skin nice and fresh, in total I think from memory a tenner, 3 of us gals went and we had a fab morning and had a hoot!!! then over to Niks place for a fry up and had a hoot over there too, 3 Women escaped for the morning, there are so many places you could go, someone else will be along soon to give you more places to try, but all in all a good morning out, enjoy :roundgrin


5 a day inspiration!
Turkish Bath in Altinkum
Thanks all for the quick replies. I knew I had previously read somewhere that the Garden of the Sun was (alledgedly) ropey. That's the thing with TLF - there is so much info (and I spend so long on here) that I can never remember where I originally read/found the post and then I wonder if I just imagined it!

The other two sound good - confirmed earlier reports. I will try at least one of them early on in my holiday...if I get a smidgen of a tan I want to hang on to it.

Cheers, Carol x


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Turkish Bath in Altinkum
Just arrived in Didim and have been to Sultan Park several times and the guy does an excellent job.

I have a shoulder problem and he has worked miracles on it.

It's opposite the Park Hotel which is behind Karakol C, near the Big Bose Bar.
Go down the turning by the Big Nose Bar, and its the first on the left.
The Big Nose Bar is next door to Ozsubasi Homes, which is also an excellent outfit.

Turkish bath and a massage will cost you 40TL, but worth negotiating.

They have girls there, for the ladies.
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