Turkey-US-Iraq security meeting in Washington....
Officials from Turkey, the US and Iraq are to meet in Washington today to discuss measures to combat the presence of the terrorist organisation the PKK in northern Iraq

Ankara wants the US and Iraq to take greater measures to combat the PKK’s activities and eliminate its bases in northern Iraq.

The meeting will be the second in a series of official talks between the three governments, the first having been held in Ankara in January.

The two day meeting will be at the technical level and participants will discuss legal procedures for the extradition of members of the terrorist organisation to Turkey.
Turkey will be represented at the meeting by Foreign Ministry Security Affairs Director General Hayati Guven.

At the January meeting, Turkey presented a list of demands for the elimination of PKK elements in the region. Among these was the requirement of the extradition of PKK members who were wanted on red and blue bulletins.

Source: NTV

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