Turkey orders arrest of 102 over 'coup plot'
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A Turkish court has ordered 102 people charged with plotting to overthrow the government to be arrested and held in jail until their trial, the state news agency says.

The suspects were among 196 people indicted this week. Some were detained in February and then released.

They include three retired military commanders. They are to be jailed pending their 16 December trial.

The remaining 94 will remain free until their trial.

All are accused of involvement in an alleged conspiracy to create chaos and pave the way for a military takeover.

Among the 102 people are retired Gen Dogan Cetin, former commander of Turkey's first army, former navy chief Adm Ozden Ornek and former air force commander Gen Halil Ibrahim Flirtina.
Turkey orders arrest of 102 over 'coup plot'
theres more top brass behind bars at the moment than on the job..i feel its being a bit overstated and scaremongering by this gov....but hey ..who am İ to be so suspicious.

chelsea boy

Dun Goat Herding!
Turkey orders arrest of 102 over 'coup plot'
throw enough mud and some will stick. I fear that raking out old generals will detract from the real changes that Turkey need to make. This is just party political tit for tat......... a real shame.

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