Turkey messing around with Googles DNS
Google's own online blog reports that its DNS has been compromised for those of us living in Turkey.

For people that are non-techy (like me): Basically, every web site has a number (like a phone number), the Turkish DNS was taken away (hence that youtube etc was inaccessible.) People then started bypassing the Turkish DNS to use Googles phone book instead (in America.)

However, Googles DNS was compromised, with their DNS being removed and being replaced by the Turkish one, which doesn't work.

You can get around the restrictions (if you are techy - which I'm not, but I'm sure someone will help out?), or hopefully, they will be removed now the voting is over!

Google Online Security Blog: Google?s Public DNS intercepted in Turkey

Akbuk Rob

Turkey messing around with Googles DNS
Googles DNS servers still work, I am using one now, but as they say, some of their "phone book" entries have been hijacked.

There are many other DNS servers though, thousands of them in fact and it is easy to switch your computer over to other ones, unfortunately that will have no effect on YouTube & Twitter etc because they are blocked by more effective methods.

VPN is the real effective answer.
Turkey messing around with Googles DNS
Changing the DNS does work Akbuk Rob. We are accessing youtube this way.

We don't have a VPN. Tried one of the free ones but removed it again as the adverts drove me crazy!


Turkey messing around with Googles DNS

Turkey has started hijacking net addresses as it steps up attempts to block access to social media.

Addresses belonging to Google, Level 3 and OpenDNS have all been hijacked by order of the Turkish government.

The hijack means that people using those addresses to reach Twitter or YouTube can no longer get through.

Net monitoring firms said the hijack was "concerning" and would let the government log who was trying to get round its controls.

BBC News - Turkey hijacks servers in social media crackdown

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