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Turkey/Israel Relations
What is going on between these two at the moment?

They seem to have gone from quite friendly relations to being at each others throats recently.

Every day there seems to be more stories in the press about their growing rift and I just wonder what's behind it all - it seems to be cranked another notch each day.

Here's two stories from Hurriyet today;

Israel takes diplomatic initiative over another Turkish series - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review

Erdoðan slams Israel for 'disproportionate power' - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review



Turkey/Israel Relations
I think the turning point came when Israel sent its tanks into Gaza to try and stop the rockets comming . There was terrible loss of life on the Arab/Muslim side, mainly among civilians. I can remember seeing pictures of little children with their heads blown off, even the U.S. gave Israel a verbal slap on the wrist.
Shortly after this the Turkish prime minister walked off the stage during a t.v. programme because of somthing the Israel leader said to him about the Gaza situation.


I miss you Pebble
Turkey/Israel Relations
this is the first time I have seen this and all I can say is

Erdogan very very well said!

The big issue with it was how it was played out politically in that he didn't do it during the debate but went against the order of the meeting to stand out. Some thnk it was done in this matter for him to have the lime light.



mal mc cullough
Turkey/Israel Relations
it must be great to have a prime minister who is not afraid to call it as it is.how we could do with one of those....


mal mc cullough
Turkey/Israel Relations
brilliant now that is real quick.or as our pm would say in a very forthright and angry tone
its a matter of regret.....remember that quote.jeez what a guy


Turkey/Israel Relations
I'll say one thing for the DUP

Theyre really playing safe with Arlene

Theres absolutely NO chance of anyone having an affair with that!

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