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Turkey facing 'mini-coup bid'
Turkey facing 'mini-coup bid', says deputy PM.

Government will not yield to fraud probe, which targeted government and damaged national economy, Ali Babacan says.
Turkey's government has said it is fending off a "mini-coup attempt" by elements in the police and judiciary who serve the interests of foreign and domestic forces bent on humbling the country.

Ali Babacan, deputy prime minister with charge of the economy, says the ruling AK Party (AKP) had in the past survived military coup plots and attempts in the courts to outlaw it.

It would not now yield to a corruption investigation that he said targeted the government and was already damaging the national economy.

"These latest formations in the judiciary and the police, we can't call it a coup, but a mini-coup attempt. This is what interests foreign investors," Babacan told CNBC-e in an interview aired by the broadcaster on Tuesday, echoing suggestions by Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the prime minister, of a foreign interest in the crisis.

Turkey facing 'mini-coup bid', says deputy PM - Al Jazeera English
Turkey facing 'mini-coup bid'
this is smokescreen and theyre digging a deeper hole for themselves...

they are frantically running around like headless chickens trying to keep the lid on an almighty scandal ..and using words like mini-coup and pointing fingers isnt fooling anybody..


Turkey facing 'mini-coup bid'
The daughter of one of the journalists who has been inside for five years was told off for sucking a lollipop when trying to enter and refused entrance. She went straight to the newspapers. It is these seemingly small atrocities that are going to stick in the mindas of the electorate.
Turkey facing 'mini-coup bid'
al qaeda is coming into the picture too

Des the Military have made a statement saying they are not getting involved


Turkey facing 'mini-coup bid'
Twenty years back Governments along with individuals were getting away with it but how technology has advanced & catching these people out. No hiding place any more!!!

I would be extremely surprised if this affected foreign property owners, although it may do if your trying to sell & of course the exchange rates.
Turkey facing 'mini-coup bid'
In what way are Al Queda coming into it?

without going into much detail here's just one source thats doing the rounds ..other sites are saying he has fled(the son)
there was a cover up earlier this year(feb) when an accident in Istanbul landed el Qadi and and Iranian business man..cant remember his name ..(but bi**l is being implicated in the gas for gold scandal) and the records of the people in hospital disappeared pointing to their association being covered up
its said Rte has had links with the Taliban and qaeda for a long time

Turkey Scandal?s Al-Qaeda Angle « Commentary Magazine


Turkey facing 'mini-coup bid'
Here's just one story for you Philip, there are plenty more but it's New Years Eve.

Yasin al-Qadi escorted by PM's security detail, daily reports - Today's Zaman, your gateway to Turkish daily news

30 December 2013 /ALİ ASLAN KILIÇ, ANKARA
Turkey may be placed in a difficult position in the international arena as
Yasin al-Qadi, a Saudi Arabian businessman who is on the US Treasury
Department's “Specially Designated Global Terrorist” list, has entered
Turkey multiple times escorted by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip
Erdoğan's protective detail and without a passport or visa, the Taraf
daily reported on Monday.

The United Nations enforced sanctions against al-Qadi in 1999 and 2000
to freeze his assets around the world after a UN Security Council (UNSC)
resolution named him as a suspected associate of Osama bin Laden's
terrorist network, al-Qaeda.


Turkey facing 'mini-coup bid'
This is a thread for the heavy weights, I watch & read with anticipation.


Turkey facing 'mini-coup bid'
And there's more (which comic used that catchphrase)

Syria accuses Turkey of aiding terrorists in letter to UN, report says - Today's Zaman, your gateway to Turkish daily news

31 December 2013 /TODAY'S ZAMAN, ANKARA
Damascus, in a letter to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, has accused Turkey of providing help
to al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist groups in Syria and has asked the United Nations Security Council
(UNSC) to make Turkey accountable.
According to a report by the Voice of Russia on Tuesday, Syrian Ambassador to the United Nations
Bashar Jaafari sent the letter to Ban, as well as to the head of the UN Security Council, Alexis
The letter, which was revealed on Tuesday, claims that Turkey is continually offering help to
terrorists in Syria.


Turkey facing 'mini-coup bid'
Sorry another B3B but I think people are a bit preoccupied tonight and not posting quick enough.

I posted this link the other day just before going out, I was hoping that people would read it an give their view on it. I've already decided what I think they are saying.
What's your opinion?

Today's Zaman Mobile Edition

The Turkish army has vowed to stay out of politics in a statement that comes amid a widening
corruption scandal.
The Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) said on Friday that the institution had exercised caution during the
prosecution of active and retired army personnel in the coup plot trials, and went on to pledge full
devotion to the principles of law, adding that the army has no intention whatsoever of getting involved
in political conflicts.
The TSK said that the army has taken a cautious stance out of its respect for the law and the
independence of the judiciary, adding that it would not harm the army's institutional identity.
"The [TSK], carefully detaching itself from any political opinions and formations, serves the Turkish
nation with the utmost loyalty. The TSK bases the exercise of its duties on the commitment to the
superiority of law and democratic principles. Within this framework, it has avoided any doing any kind
of harm to the identity of the TSK and, with immense care, will avoid political controversies, but will
carefully follow and closely watch the graft probe," the army said.


Turkey facing 'mini-coup bid'
Glad you used the term "Comic" Pete.

This would be the same Syrian ambassador, whose government invited into the conflict that well known terrorist group Hezbollah, with Russian approval, now accusing Turkey of a similar action.

Couldn't make it up.

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