Turkey East or West.?
very intresting article particularly re Romania etc. Many of us have been saying this for years, that 2 bit economies like Romania have been welcomed with open arms whilst Turkey is stalled at every attempt. Simply put Germany et al do not want 70m more Muslims landing in the EU.


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Turkey East or West.?
Well its very unfair . We have so many immigrants in UK, What harm can the turkish do ? They won't take more out of the econemy than the mp's have been takeing to feather thier nests, Germany and France are affraid they'd get the 70m But given the choice most would want to come here , I have no no objection seeing as how so many of us go there, But they need to change the laws on tapu's and car ownership plus work permits , They can't expect thier people to work here when they won't let us work there , having said that the EU would ruin Turkey as we know it, But then i'm not into such things , diane


Turkey East or West.?
I still believe that Turkey is not "moving East" at the expense of its' relations with the West, rather, it is merely expanding its' circle of "friends", as it has every right to do.
Turkey is a major exporter and the West has contracted significantly in recent times, due to the recession, whereas Eastern markets have been more resiliant - hence, Turkey's trade interests have migrated Eastwards.
Where trade goes, so does increased diplomacy.
Erdogan is due to visit America in early December.
It will be very interesting to hear what he says at that time - I'm not expecting any fireworks, just the re-inforcement of both countries' relations.

To a great extent, it is business as usual!


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