turkey by car
There is an app called Re-Open Eu that gives you all the information you may need
I don't think I will ever do that drive again Darren, France, Switzerland & Italy yes but not going onto Turkey.
I believe that the tests that people need in some places are only valid for 72 hours, on saying that, I haven't looked that deep into it. I would though be thinking, where do I take that test & how far can I get before I needed another?
What would concern me is, being caught in no mans lands due to a country bringing in emergency measures like what happened over Portugal, it also happened in France & Germany.
Deaths are coming down everywhere but Covid hasn't gone & the fact that countries are now talking about 12 year old's being vaccinated shows where we are at.
Nonetheless, the drive to Turkey under normal circumstances is well worth it & I wish you well on your trip.


turkey by car
This is Turkey back to the UK in the last 3 weeks but an excellent report from our friends Nick & Louise

Seeeeeemmms to be OK so far and nearly home. Ill give him a call once back and see if i can get more detail on covid tests border issues etc.

turkey by car
Worth pointing out, if I have heard it right.
Two jabs or not, those travelling to Italy from the UK now face a five day quarantine.
I’m not sure how that works driving through Italy but to be fair, that would/could mean a quarantine stint there.
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